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Tree Services

A range of tree and hedge management, maintenance, and removal services to keep your garden clear and healthy.

At Four Seasons South West, we cover all areas of tree services including management and maintenance to keep your trees and hedges happy and healthy. We also offer tree pruning and reshaping services to control growth, and felling to remove the tree altogether. These are skilled processes in which we have years of experience.

We can also extend our tree services to looking after your fruit trees as well. Just the right amount of regular pruning and thinning for younger trees at the right time of year will keep them healthy and productive for maximum fruit. And, over the course of a couple of years, we can revitalise the fruit yield of older trees by removing any deadwood and thinning out to encourage new growth and fruit for the next season.

We’re able to complete any tree service works efficiently and professionally with full insurance and accreditations – and that includes the removal of all green waste. With a full waste carriers licence, we’ll gather all branches, roots, and excess foliage and dispose of it at local recycling centres in an environmentally responsible way on your behalf. No mess, no fuss.

No matter what size your garden we can keep your lawns and hedges looking neat and tidy. Get in touch today for your free, no-obligation tree services quote.

How we can help

  • Tree felling and dismantling – Deciding on the best course of controlled action and depending on space, we can fell your tree in one piece or remove it in sections.
  • Tree and hedge pruning and reshaping – The trimming, cutting back, and reshaping of your overgrown hedges and trees, removing branches that are wind damaged or broken and crown reshaping.
  • Thinning and branch removal – To reduce tree density, we can remove heavy and/or damaged branches, as well as thinning to let in more light and wind and encouraging fruit growth.
  • Stump and root removal – Tree stumps can be large and difficult to remove, especially as they may not rot for many years, but we can remove them quickly and efficiently.

Customer reviews

Happy customers are what we aim for in everything we do at Four Seasons South West.

We are environmentally responsible

We’ll always gather any cuttings, clippings, leaves, and smaller refuse and put them in your garden waste recycling bin for your council collection. But we also have a waste carriers licence, so we can collect all of the above – and more – and dispose of it all on your behalf at local recycling centres in an environmentally responsible way. No mess, no fuss.

Get in touch today for your free, no-obligation turf laying, lawn cutting or hedge trimming quote.

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