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Garden Steps

Transform your garden’s accessibility with custom-built garden steps from Four Seasons.

Making the most of your garden is essential, whatever its size. But sometimes gardens can be challenging or just inaccessible in some areas. The addition of garden steps can totally transform how your garden looks – and works – opening up different areas to entertain, relax, or play.

At Four Seasons, we know how important an open and accessible garden can be. And by using our skill and experience, we can create an outdoor space that ticks all the boxes of style and practicality. Whatever your requirements, we can help you with low maintenance steps that work with your garden as well as looking great.

With a wide range of finishes available, Four Seasons can give you the installation advice you need and help you find the right style for your garden and your needs. Get in touch today for your free, no-obligation garden steps quote.

Example step materials

  • Stone – For a durable finish that never goes out of style in any garden, stone steps are a solid, natural choice, giving contrast and a quality finish.
  • Wood and gravel – Giving you a finish that will really blend in with their natural surroundings, wood and gravel and the perfect, low maintenance combination.
  • Block steps – As an answer to overcoming any challenging slopes in your garden, man-made block steps can make a practical, hardwearing, and attractive option.
  • Paved – For any contemporary home and garden, paving can give you a sleek and modern finish, perfectly accompanied by minimalist railings.
  • Brick block – Working well in larger lawned gardens, wider brick block steps can add interest and contrast on less challenging gradients.

Customer reviews

Happy customers are what we aim for in everything we do at Four Seasons South West.

Things to think about

To help you get the most out of your garden steps, here are a few things to consider.

  • Think about the positioning of your steps – will they get slippery?
  • Might their position affect drainage?
  • What style or finish would work best for your garden?
  • How steep will the steps need to be – do you need handrails?

Here is just some of our work on garden steps

Here are just some of our recent work on garden step services across the South West.

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